My pics

Louie and Chery missionary pic - Kelsey
Louie & Cheryl

Our current missionary couple pic 

My family

Daughter Lindsay and husband Jonas and daughter Kelsey. 

Berkshires, Massachusetts 

Louie & Cheryl wedding pic.jpg
Our wedding
March 14, 1981

(John 13:34) A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another...

Thailand 2001.JPG
Thailand - 2001
Monteith family at Shakespeare house.jpg
England - 2006

Weren't we just young and cool!

France 2009.JPG
France - 2009
Oak Glen 2010.JPG
Oak Glen, CA - 2010
Lindsay & Jonas wedding 2012.JPG
Lindsay & Jonas wedding 2012
Now let's go WAY back!:
Louie in high chair with football - 1959
Louie pic - cowboy hat - 1962.jpg
1959 & already loving football!
I have no subtitles for this one!
Louie Little League - kneeling -
Little League - my life as a kid!
4th grade
Jr. High graduation 1973
High school graduation 1976
Louie 1977.jpg
Yup...that's me in 1977!
Aegean Sea cruise with my folks 1978
SCC graduation - May 1980.jpg
Louie college grad pic .jpg
Bible College graduation 1980
marriage and family:
L & C w both sets parents 1983.jpg
Both sets of parents 1981
Lindsay baby dedication 1987 with pastor Mark
Cheryl expecting Kelsey 1991
Cheryl with Lindsay & Kelsey in stroller
My beautiful young family
Christmas Eve 2002
We loved our vacations and family time getaways.
Thailand with Kelsey - This turned into a professional painting.
Monteith 4 outdoors after an event.jpg
Lindsay's bridal shower
Steve's wedding - brothers & dad.jpg
L-R Dad-me-brothers Steve & Jeff 1995
Christmas Eve 2010 - ROGER.JPG
Christmas 2010 with Cheryl's brother Roger
Dad lay evangelist FGBMFI.jpg
My dad Bill Monteith - lay evangelist
Bill Monteith rooftop conversion - November 16, 1974
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